C-C Ranch


The C Bar C is a working ranch.  It consists of me, Carrilea Littleford, my brother, Chris Littleford, and our father, Jim Littleford.  The focus of the ranch is raising groceries for the family while not going in the hole. We have dabbled in many adventures but currently run a small herd of feeder calves during the summer months and nurse calves through the winter.  In doing so, we periodically have free range beef and pork for sale.  We also have a few yard chickens and sell free range eggs.  We raise and train horses and try to keep one really good broke horse for sale.  Then, there are the border collies.  They help manage the livestock and of course provide the farm dog companionship.  We have a couple litters a year and enjoy every minute of it.  Chris and I also work full time jobs so you can imagine we stay very busy.  Jim is retired and with out him, the ranch would not function.  He is a very important part of it.  If you are interested in any of the above things, feel free to roam the website or contact us or come by!

Have a great day!

Carrilea Littleford

Danville, AL  35619